midwife with accreditation

Why Accreditation Matters: How to Choose a Safe and Reliable Midwife

After weighing the pros and cons and considering the type of birth experience you desire, you choose a midwife rather than an Obstetrician. Now, it’s time to choose your midwife, but not all midwives in Salt Lake are the same.

There are many different credentials and licenses for midwives in Utah. Not only can your midwife have different accreditations, but the birth center in which they practice may or may not be nationally accredited.

Accredited Birth Center

Though all birth centers are required to abide by certain laws and regulations, only accredited birth centers demonstrate a higher accountability and dedication to best midwifery practices. Accredited birth centers exhibit their commitment to a wide variety of birthing aspects, including:

  • Planning: Strengthening community relationships and adapting to changes.
  • Organization: Has a regulating group that regularly meets.
  • Cutting-edge facility & equipment: Regularly inspected facility and supplies that provide a safe environment for all family members.
  • High Quality of Service: Honoring the specific needs and desires of the individual throughout the birthing process. 

Accredited Midwife

There are a few types of accreditation that a midwife can receive. The most popular include Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) or Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Both CNMs and CPMs complete an accreditation program, ensuring they are adept at handles all birthing facets including providing primary and gynecological care, STD treatment, as well as all aspects of pregnancy and delivery. In fact, CPMs and CNMs have very similar legal status, though some States treat them a bit differently.

Utah doesn’t require midwives to become accredited. A non-licensed midwife will likely receive training through an apprenticeship or through self-study. Though many non-accredited midwives are knowledgeable, they don’t have to uphold regulations, standards, or protocols that accredited midwives do. Additionally, they don’t qualify for insurance reimbursement, nor do they hold malpractice insurance.

The Best Option for Your Birthing Plan

Considering recommendations from family, friends, and industry experts can help you narrow down your options. But you ultimately must decide for yourself what level of professionalism and regulation you desire in your birthing plan. We suggest finding a birth center that is safe and a midwife who you trust to guide you through your labor experience.