Specializing in birth at home and in our new, modern, birthing center, our midwife team provides comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care.


If you’re planning to have a VBAC in Salt Lake City, you may choose to deliver your baby with our practice, at our birth center, or a birth at home. Our professional and exceptionally skilled team will guide you through the entire process of a safe, normal, and natural childbirth – an experience you perhaps longed for during your previous C-section delivery.

But before anything else, we will evaluate your pregnancy to ensure a low-risk delivery. Our midwife may conduct standard clinical assessments and give referrals, as needed. If you had a C-section by choice or if the underlying reason for your previous cesarean delivery is no longer a factor in your current pregnancy, then you may be a good candidate for a VBAC.

Comprehensive Maternity Care

At our birth center, we provide comprehensive, individualized maternity care. From the prenatal stage to the actual childbirth and the postpartum period, our team provides quality service. We also provide a supportive environment through our dependable staff and facilities. Our birth center is fully-equipped with all that you need; among these, freestanding tubs, various birth aids, and comfy suites where you can rest for hours after giving birth. In addition, we have a range of postpartum resources we can refer you to in order to help you meet your own and your baby’s needs during this period.

Our midwife is always on-call to attend to any of your questions about a VBAC. You can likewise visit our birth center for your initial consultation and to check the facilities, as well.

Give us a call today and we’ll schedule a complimentary tour for you.