Meet the team


Adrienne Brown


Adrienne Brown is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and a Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife (LDEM) who provides modern, comprehensive, and expert care for people as they create and grow their families. She grew up on a farm in rural central New York and witnessed natural birth and natural living from a young age. When Adrienne sought out a midwife in 1995 to have a home birth for the first of her three children, Caleb, she was shocked at how medicalized and politicized the business of birth was, and how marginalized and misunderstood the practice of midwifery had become.

And that’s when she became a birth advocate.

Adrienne got involved in the political work of supporting informed choices for families, and founded grassroots consumer-based birth advocacy groups. She went on to study women’s studies and sustainable leadership at Goddard College and Prescott College, and midwifery at Maternidad La Luz in El Paso, TX, and has attended hundreds of births all over the country – from the South, to the East, and now in the West. She has served people in rural and intercity areas and from the process of family planning all the way through postpartum care. Her focus is sharp, and her experience is broad.


Rachel Twelmeyer


Having worked as a part of our team for several years, Rachel moved into the role of Staff Midwife in 2022. She is officially a “boy mom” with three young sons, all born at home with midwives. Rachel brings her gentle presence and reassuring calm to her work as a midwife.

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Sheryl Keating


Sheryl has been a part of our team for the last 5 years working as a Birth Assistant, which has allowed her to attend many, many deliveries, all while running a corporate business. She made the decision to change careers and take on the enormous task of midwifery education, and is very close to her goal of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife! Sheryl is passionate about being a part of the solution to a restrictive reproductive healthcare system, and believes that supporting families is one of the most important things we can do. Sheryl is a huge Utes fan, a lover of all pets, and a mother of two.


Caitlin Bortz

Medical assistant/ birth assistant

Caitlin's love for birth work began here at WMW with the birth of her son in 2021! In her free time she enjoys baking delicious breads and muffins, camping and backpacking, and snuggling her little boy.

Claire Pan

Admin Assistant/ Birth assistant

Claire worked in childcare for 5 years before joining us in 2020. She has loved learning to support families with babies in new ways as a part of our team. Claire enjoys spending her free time outside with her family, hiking and swimming in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Kaitlin Kocherhans

front desk/ birth assistant

Kaitlin has a bachelor's degree in Theater, but after having her first baby with WMW, she knew she'd found her true calling in life. Shortly after becoming a certified doula, she joined the team at WMW and has achieved her goal of being a Birth Assistant! She has also delivered a second beautiful baby with us. Kaitlin loves connecting with and supporting birthing parents through their birth journey. She is passionate about midwifery and the care we provide the community. When not at the clinic, she is either playing with her babies or out hiking.

Sarah Faber

Admin assistant/ birth assistant

After photographing her best friend’s birth Sarah knew the birth world was where she belonged. She completed doula training with DONA in 2020 and shortly thereafter began working at a birth center in Wisconsin. Sarah enjoys traveling, rock climbing and hiking, and spending time with her husband.

Adrianna Costello

In Memoriam

Adrianna worked alongside Adrienne beginning in 2011 and played a key role in the creation of Wasatch Midwifery + Wellness. She was a certified childbirth educator teaching The Bradley® Method of Natural Childbirth since 1996. Her heart and soul resided in childbirth education, teaching parents how to navigate the USA’s broken maternity care system to get evidence-based, humane, compassionate birth care. Adrianna was a dear friend to many in the birth community, as well as countless new parents who were fortunate to experience her care and support. We miss her with our whole hearts every day.

Amber Sugden

Birth Assistant