Frequently Asked Questions

We have many precautions in place to help limit the spread of COVID-19. All employees and patients wear a mask when in the building. We have adjusted our appointments to keep everyone safe. You will be scheduled for shorter visits in person along with virtual meetings where the midwife can answer any of your questions and make recommendations for your care. Partners are welcome at ultrasound appointments and are encouraged to participate in the virtual visits. Please come alone to all other in-office appointments and leave older children in the care of others. Our goal is to reduce exposure in our clinic for both our patients and staff.

Yes! We accept all major insurances, though the level of coverage varies by plan. We are in-network with Aetna, Cigna, United HealthCare (UHC), United Medical Resources (UMR), Tri-care and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We are out of network with Select Health, but they will still cover lab and ultrasound costs associated with your pregnancy and delivery. Regardless of your insurance, contact us and we can give you an estimate of your out of pocket expenses.

We have a global fee that covers all your prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum care, home visits, and newborn care. Birth center costs are typically about half the cost of a birth in a hospital. Contact us with your insurance information and we are happy to provide an estimate for out of pocket costs. We offer a timely-pay discount for our self-pay clients who opt not to carry insurance.

We do! We accept VBAC patients based on their health history and previous surgical history. VBAC candidates must have only had one previous c-section. Having a cesarean for a previous delivery does not automatically place you in the high-risk category.

Hydrotherapy has been shown to decrease the pain of labor, so we encourage our guests to take advantage of our spacious shower and bathtubs. We have birth balls, birth stools, rebozos and yoga slings to help you stay as comfortable as possible, and we encourage changing positions often. When you listen to your body, labor is manageable.

However, we do offer Nitrous Oxide for pain management and stress relief.

We use a 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide (NO2, sometimes referred to as “laughing gas”) and oxygen. It is FDA approved and is commonly used for pain management during labor in many countries around the world. It is administered using a mouth-piece that the patient controls.

ry and previous surgical history. VBAC candidates must have only had one previous c-section. Having a cesarean for a previous delivery does not automatically place you in the high-risk category.

Whatever you want! Many people choose to wear their own clothes with a sports bra or comfortable top being the most common. We also have comfortable spa robes available and if you prefer a hospital gown, just ask!

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver twins due to our accreditation status.

We recommend scheduling your first prenatal appointment between the 8th-12th week of pregnancy. That is about four to eight weeks after your missed period. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any concerns and need to be seen earlier.

We accept clients of any age experiencing healthy pregnancies.

Yes, we accept home birth patients on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the midwife. Adrienne is experienced in home births.  Home birth patients will still be billed for a “facility fee.”

Adrienne Brown, CPM, LDEM and Jane Bowen, CNM, WHNP, are our staff midwives. We have a strong staff of nurses, doulas, birth assistants, and student midwives, as well. As we continue to grow, we have been committed to the training of new midwives, with several ready to enter independent practice soon. We pride ourselves on the strength and competency of our team!

We require our clients to take a childbirth class if they have never delivered a baby unmedicated before. We love The Bradley Method and Hypnobabies/Hypnobirthing. We have a licensed childbirth educator on staff who teaches classes on site. Meet Adrianna Costello (link to Adrianna’s history). You can learn more about her childbirth classes at

Absolutely! You wouldn’t hike a mountain without water and food for energy. We have a full kitchen and routinely offer and encourage food intake and hydration during your labor. We keep sports drinks, teas, sparkling water, coconut water, and more on hand!

Yes!  Midwives are not just for those who are pregnant. We provide full-scope wellness care, which means that we care for people of all ages—from teens to post-menopause.  You can come to Wasatch Midwifery + Wellness for pap smears, preconception counseling, STI testing, pregnancy testing, birth control questions or problems, IUD removal, bloodwork, etc.