Wellness in Holladay, UT

Wasatch Midwifery strives to provide not only the best care for birthing people but also to promote a culture of whole-body wellness to enhance the quality of life for our community. We feel everyone has the right to experience their best selves and we know that starts with physical and emotional wellness. We also offer:

  • Regular wellness and annual exams, including Pap testing, breast exams
  • Labwork for annual exams/health check-ups 
  • Preparing for optimal fertility
  • Problem visits related to GYN care: UTIs, vaginal infections, irregular menses
  • Health maintenance 
  • Birth control options from fertility awareness to IUD placements and other forms of hormonal birth control. 

We know how positive birth experiences empower mothers and fathers; empowered families raise healthy children!

Through our years of experience, we have met so many people — both those who identify as female and those who don’t— searching for providers that they can trust. Our clients rely on us for information on healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, and whole-body health, and pediatric health concerns.

We are committed to promoting wellness

We are committed to promoting wellness because:

  • Standard diets and conventional medical care are not always sustainable solutions for health.
  • Healthcare that embraces individual needs is effective and culturally appropriate.
  • We know that person-centered health care, with a natural approach, is effective.
  • We trust the body’s wisdom for creating health and well-being and healing.
  • Using foods, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle changes is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve improved health.
  • Improving the status of individual health is an investment in the future!
  • We incorporate this philosophy of wellness into everything we do.

Adrienne works with female, transgendered, and gender non-binary patients during pregnancy and throughout their well-body care to develop individual health and lifestyle plans. She has incorporated botanical medicine and holistic health education into her midwifery practice for nearly two decades.