Woman laboring in birthing center in Salt Lake

The Best Tools You can Find at a Birthing Center

Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch front, we at Wasatch Midwifery provide more than stunning views for our birthing patients. Our Salt Lake birthing center is fully stocked with our patients’ favorite birthing tools.

We believe you deserve to have all the aids you need to make your labor more comfortable. To help, we’ve done our best to ensure you’ll be thrilled with the amenities in your private, spa-like, birthing suite. Here are the best tools you’ll find in our birth center.

Birthing Tub

Inflatable tubs might be convenient for home births, but you deserve something more luxurious at a birthing center. Our freestanding, large, birth tubs allow you to move throughout your labor and find your most comfortable birth position.

The best aspect of the tubs is that they retain their comfortable temperature throughout your delivery. Additionally, the buoyancy of the water will help relieve the pressure and pain associated with contractions and provide support during pushing.

Birthing Ball

These large, rubber balls are a fantastic way to relieve lower back pressure, while still allowing you to engage your muscles. Inexpensive, exercise balls can deflate during your labor. Instead, our specialist birthing balls have a non-slip finish and will support your weight throughout the delivery.

Birth Stools

You may be more inclined to use a chair or stool throughout your labor, rather than laying flat. The upright position allows gravity to make pushing more effective. Additionally, research suggests that upright positions offer positive benefits for the person giving birth as well as the baby.

Hanging Yoga Slings

Slings provide support and help you maintain the beneficial upright and moving position during your labor. One popular position is the “supported squat” where the sling is wrapped under your arms, supporting your full weight. This position can help change the baby’s position and remove pressure from your lower back. Moreover, the slings help to speed up slow-descent deliveries.

Cozy Accessories

High-end linens and soft, spa robes will relieve stress and make your labor a more positive experience.

Your Doula

Not necessarily a “tool,” your doula is an important asset during your labor. They will offer you support, guidance, and confidence during the delivery and help coach you once your new baby arrives.

Do you have a favorite birthing essential that didn’t make our list? Let us know on social media or in the comments below. We are always looking for new ways to make our birthing center, even more, accommodating for all of our patients.